Participating as a member of the audience at a Maisons des Spectacles Live Event is a unique experience. You’ll note we used the word ‘participating’ to describe your level of involvement.

Our events are presented in micro-venues where the capacity is almost always less than 100 and more often than not max cap is about 45 people – including the artists.

As an audience participant, you will be invited to bring a meal you would like to share with the other participants. You will join the artists and the hosts for a potluck meal before the performance. There’s no room for anonymity at a Maisons des Spectacles Live Event. And that’s by design. We want you to connect with the artists and with one another.

While taking pictures and videos is often permissible, we ask that you ensure your mobile device is in silent mode. Be aware and considerate of your surroundings and of the other participants. If you bring alcohol, please be responsible with your consumption.

Maisons des Spectacles Live Events are often presented in private homes where pets may be part of the family. If you have allergies, please keep this in mind.

We look forward to welcoming you to our next event. While you may arrive not knowing anyone, we are certain by the time you leave you will have made many meaningful connections.